Kim, Jeewon

Ph.D. student


M.S. in EE, KAIST, 2020

B.S. in EE (Minor Bio&Brain), KAIST, 2018

Research area

  • Optical imaging of brain activity

  • Computational analysis of brain activity


Short Biography

Jeewon is a Ph.D student in Neuro-Instrumentation & Computational Analysis (NICA) lab at KAIST. She received her bachelor's degree and master's degree in Electrical Engineering from KAIST. Her research interest includes brain imaging with various modalities. She is developing an optical system for 3-D imaging of neural activity with high spatiotemporal resolution as well as signal processing algorithms for simultaneous imaging of various proteins in mouse brain tissue.


  • J. Sim, C. E Park, I. Cho, K. Min, J.-S. Lee, Y. Chong, J. W. Kim, J. S. Kang, K. D. Piatkevich, E. E. Jung, S.-K. Kwon, Y.-G. Yoon, E. S. Boyden, J.-B. Chang. Whole-ExM: Expansion microscopy imaging of all anatomical structures of whole larval zebrafish, bioRxiv, 2021. 

  • J. Seo*, Y. Sim*, J. W. Kim*, H. Kim, I. Cho, Y.-G. Yoon**, J.-B. Chang**. PICASSO: Ultra-multiplexed fluorescence imaging of biomolecules through single-round imaging and blind source unmixing, bioRxiv, 2021. (*co-first authors, **co-corresponding authors)